Security Services 

Armed and un-armed -The use of lethal force is something we take very seriously and should only be used to preserve life.
Armed and un-armed officers have mandatory ongoing training in Conflict Resolution, verbal Judo, hostile negotiation techniques, liability, civil liberties, de-escalation, identify and understanding mental health and non-lethal options.
Community Resource Officer-Is a community policing approach when providing public safety services to housing communities.
CRO officers go beyond the scope of traditional security services. We get to know the community, we provide resources to improve the quality of life for the residents whom we have been entrusted to serve.
We apply the broken window theory as it relates to social issues. Like the jobs produce peace and reduce crime program. Drug rehab programs instead of prison.
The broken window theory is applied to address the quality of life issues before it becomes a more bigger problem for society.
Conflict Resolution Support Team School Resource Officers (School Base). Provide school safety, positive mentors to students, and student misconduct refferal source for teachers, admin and school staff.
CRST Resource Officers takes a holistic and therapeutic approach in conjunction with the school mission and policy to school safety.
Additional training in mental health, youth intervention, prevention, diversion, human trafficking, understanding special education, foster care, provide case management and form community base organization partnerships.
When it comes to student misconduct, we don’t solely focus on the behavior, we look for the root that is causing the behavior, once we solve the root of the problem the behaviors go away, as we refer back to Maslow theory and child development.